Demystifying Search Engine Optimization

What is Search  Engine Optimization?
Search engines use algorithms to rank websites so designers and marketers try to optimize sites to be friendly to search engine's criteria. However, The exact nature of these algorithms is not known so there is no *magic formula*. Over the last decade a whole area of marketing has developed around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are various ways in which web developers optimize websites to be friendly to search engines, including Google.

How do I improve my website's search engine ranking?
Each search engine uses different criteria to rank sites. Again, there is no *magic formula*; however, using these key elements will help you gain popularity:

1. Meta Tags are keywords and descriptions encoded into your web site. The general user does not see them but they are used by search engines to determine your ranking and providing a description when delivering search results.

2. Keywords should relate to the product or service you are offering. What words would your clients search for if they were looking for your business online?

3. Content is an important aspect of your website. After all, if you don't offer quality content, why would anyone visit your site? Quality, not quantity is the key here.

4. Links between yourself and other popular and relevant sites will help your ranking. Relevance is key though, don't sign up to link exchanges, they won't help your ranking.

5. Time can't be underestimated. If you have the above elements in place then the longer your web site is up, the more popular you will become.

6. Promotion is key, we provide a variety of marketing packages to ensure that your website will be optimized to most search engines including Google. We will analyse your site and then promote it using Google's tools and through targeted advertising to help you rise above the rest.

Google has indexed over 18 billion webpages. How will I get noticed?
Digital marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) as well as advertising and linking from relevant sites. Just like traditional marketing of your product however, targeting is key. There is no sense in wasting your hard earned dollars on blanket advertising. We will help you find the most efficient way to spend your online advertising budget. Marketing is an important part of having a website. But promoting your website online isn't the only way to tell people about your internet presence, verbal and print promotion can also help. Our consultants can tell you how to spread the word about your new website with traditional techniques as well as with new and innovative solutions!

Should I hire a professional marketer?

Absolutely, a professional marketer can work quickly and efficiently to analyse your website and advise you on the best marketing strategy. For proof of how well our marketing techniques work, click below to see how well ParanoidFish ranks with Google using these search criteria (day to day results vary but we are consistently on the first page):
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Will you guarantee a high ranking by Google?
No one can guarantee top placement with any search engine, including Google. This is because because the specific criteria that a search engine uses to rank pages is not public knowledge and changes frequently. Beware of companies that guarantee search engine ranking! Though we cannot guarantee results, we can will implement techniques that are likely to improve your website's current ranking, improve exposure and draw in clients.