Guerilla Marketing for Small Businesses

What is Guerrilla Marketing?
Guerrilla marketing is a term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. It is an unconventional way of advertising a product or service, often running on a small budget, instead relying on time, energy and imagination. The idea is to create an unexpected and unconventional promotion, which is memorable enough to generate buzz, and even spread virally.

How can it work to your advantage?
Small business owners often ask: How do I get a message out cheaply and effectively? Guerrilla marketing is ideally suited to small businesses because with knowledge, hard work and a little imagination your message can be delivered to a wide audience on a small budget.

How to create a marketing campaign
Use these 8 steps to conceive and execute a successful marketing campaign:
1. Decide on a budget
2. Define your message
3. Understand your target market
4. Set goals and define a success metric
5. Find an appealing aspect of your product / service
6. Conceive a memorable idea to highlight the appealing feature / benefit
7. Execute your idea
8. Use your metric to determine the effectiveness of your campaign

Examples of successful guerrilla marketing campaigns in Calgary, Alberta
After a fresh snowfall, bright red apples were used to decorate bare trees in a high traffic area of Calgary downtown. Each apple bore a sticker to make it clear that Calgary Farmers' Market could produce beautiful, fresh produce, even during the long winter season.

The Calgary Zoo placed unusually shaped strollers throughout the zoo area. When curious patrons took a peek inside they realized that the clever prop was being used to announce the birth of a baby giraffe.