Flash Movies: Why you should 'Skip Intro'

By Ivy Hastings

At a seminar that I gave last winter, I told a group of marketing people that if they were considering Flash Intros that they should seriously reconsider this choice. About half of the group had "uh oh" looks on their faces and put their heads down. They had all planned Flash Intros and had no idea why these intros are a huge mistake.

Flash intros are the bane of users. Users hate waiting for them to load and about 90% of users skip them anyway. Whenever I see a Flash Intro, I bail out of the site because I don't want to wait for the site to load. This means you are losing site traffic right away and users aren't ever getting an opportunity to view your products or services pages. We always tell our clients not to use them because, besides being usability nightmares, they usually cost quite a bit and don't add any value to your site.

Perhaps the only audience who actually watches these things are marketing people. That's because these pieces are vanity spots touting a company's value. Your users aren't marketing people and your Flash Intro is not going to convince them to buy your products or services. Plus, users have seen so many of these in the '90s that they are no longer cool.

Do your bottom line and your users a huge favor and don't add a Flash Intro to your site. Your traffic will improve dramatically and so should your sales and leads.

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