Wholistic Design Solutions:

Your image should be as individual as your business. That's why we offer a large range of services and a well-established design and layout process to ensure you get what you need. We work with you to determine what the most important elements of your image are and we ensure we stay within your budget.

We believe in wholistic solutions and provide all types of design services:
Web Design      Print Design      Logo Design      Branding

To ensure customer satisfaction each project created by ParanoidFish goes through a 3-step design process:

Design & Layout Process

Orientation - The first stage involves a meeting between the client and the designer and/or developer assigned to the project. This meeting determines the needs and budget of the client. Also, the client can provide valuable input about the desired style and design of the project.

Construction - The designer will provide the client with a mockup for the project. This mockup will be displayed online and the client can choose elements and comment on the layout and design. After a style is chosen the page will be fully constructed.

Quality Assurance - After construction the designer and client will review the site and make any necessary adjustments. Also, the site will be proofread and checked to ensure that links, forms and software are functioning.

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