Guerilla Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Go Guerilla
Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional way of advertising a product or service, often running on a small budget, instead relying on time, energy and imagination. The idea is to create an unexpected and unconventional promotion, which is memorable enough to generate buzz, and even spread virally. Contact us to discuss a how we can create a guerilla campaign to help you grow your small business.

Guerrilla Marketing gives small businesses an edge
Guerrilla marketing is ideally suited to small businesses because with knowledge, hard work and a little imagination your message can be delivered to a wide audience on a small budget. Set yourself apart from the crowd (and the big guys) by developing a clever advertising campaign.

Principals of Guerilla Marketing
  1. Small budgets - Invest time, energy and imagination instead of a big budget.
  2. Novel approach - Find a unique way to deliver your message, one that will get noticed by potential customers .
  3. Stand out from the crowd - Don't fight the competition and don't blend in, concentrate on making a unique impression.
  4. Focused effort - Instead of trying to sell your product or service to a few people in the whole world, find a niche and sell it to everyone in that niche.
  5. Build relationships - Simple: good client relationships will lead to increased sales.
  6. Quality Products/Services - Quality ensures that viral (word of mouth) marketing works in your favour, not against you.
  7. Embrace Technology - Traditional marketing methods used by the Big Guys are just that: traditional. Use technology to reach clients in ways your competition hasn't thought of.
Contact us to discuss a how we can create a guerilla campaign to help you grow your small business.

Guerilla Marketing seen around Calgary

Bright red apples decorated bare trees in downtown Calgary after a fresh snowfall. Stickers on the apples indicated that fresh produce could be found at the Calgary Farmers' Market, during the long winter.

Unusual strollers were placed throughout the Calgary Zoo. When curious patrons took a peek inside they realized that the clever prop announced the birth of a baby giraffe.