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Your website should be as individual as your business. That's why we offer a large range of services and a well-established design and layout process to ensure you get what you need. We work with you to determine what the most important elements of your website are to ensure we stay within your budget.

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Website Layout and Design

Building websites is how our business got started. We are experts at layout and design. But this is just the beginning, when considering the design of your site think about incorporating the following elements:

Flash Presentations

Flash design gives a website a dynamic, modern look and adds energy to a website. Flash also engages an audience and holds attention longer, gaining an edge over your competition.

Photo Galleries
One of the most commonly searched terms on the Internet is ''photo gallery.'' Photo galleries allow you to make a personal connection with your client by providing a pictorial representation of company events and accomplishments.

Virtual Tours
A virtual tour a panorama photo (or a series of them) highlighting your business's best features. This gives users the ability to virtually stand in your facility and make a 360 degree rotation! You can display the newest features of your business worldwide!

Shopping Carts & Online Transactions

Shopping carts and online transactions are a valuable Ecommerce tool for generating income online. ParanoidFish can setup a virtual shopping cart allowing clients to select items they want to purchase from your business. Then the customer can pay for their items using a secure server.

Writing & Photography Services
In some cases, clients do not have text or pictures prepared for their web sites. We can provide the client with an outline so they can fill in the content themselves or, if you require, we can provide copy writing and photography services.

Website Marketing & Promotion

A promoter will sit down and discuss the niche of your website in your business and on the Internet. We will spend time clarifying your marketing message and promoting your site both online and through other media. Various other promotion strategies will be discussed including skills used in verbal and written communications with your clients.

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